Length of time ads must be open

How long does an ad have to be open for it to be considered “viewed” instead of just “clicked”?

If you are talking about the ads that appear as a background image then you only have to open the tab. You don’t have to stay on tab for a long time or open the link.
You are being payed for watching the ads.

I get a notice about an ad from my Windows notifications, I click it, it takes me to the ad, but it is never considered “viewed” no matter how long it’s open for.

In an hour you can watch only four or five ads ( you obviously can watch more than five but you get paid only for 5 ads. Then you must try again after one or two hours).
There is also a maximum number of ads that can be viewed per-day.
If you have completed your daily cap , then this is likely the culprit.

@SoaringEagle175 Pro-tip: Click on it, hold it, don’t release yet. Then push it from where it came, rightwards of course. Hope you get it.

@numaankhan07 NTP SI are frequency capped at 4 per hour and 20 per day (24 hrs). Frequency capping of Ad notifications is user adjustable and varies from 0 to 10 per hour.

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