How often are announcements sent?

Hi, I have been using Brave for about 2 months. There are many times that I leave the main tab open and no advertising comes up. Ok, you can tell me it’s because there are no active ads, but that’s not true. I see all the ads for days and I get half of them, even though I have the 10 ads per hour. Why do I have to wait? I know positively that if the ads were running normally there would be no problem.

Advertising will come whether Brave tabs are open or closed. Brave will run in the background. Also, what type of advertising are you looking to see? Brave’s ads are served as notifications on your device. So if on Windows, it serves in your Notification Center on the bottom right of the screen. If you’re on Android, it serves in Notification Center on the top of the screen.

10 per hour setting is the maximum you can see. There is no minimum guarantee. There are a lot of things that influence how many ads you see. The primary thing though are how many campaigns are in your area and whether those campaigns are targeting your OS. You can learn a bit more about that at Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

What do you mean on this? Are you just saying less than the 10 per hour you selected? Are you saying you’re not being paid for ads you see? Or what specifically is meant here? I want to make sure I’m seeing it right and giving you a proper answer.

I also have a friend who has in the same browser 10 users created to receive extra tips, who also does not receive the ads properly. For my part, I have enabled Windows notifications and everything necessary to receive the tips.

Ads appear but if I’m physically on the brave screen, they send nothing. 0 background.

Hours go by, with brave open and almost nothing arrives.

I know you said you have things set, but can you go double check your Focus Assist settings?

One of the things people had issues with before is they had turned off Focus Assist but they didn’t see that there were Automatic Rules that had been left on, which were turning Focus Assist on under certain circumstances. Make sure that isn’t the case for you.

I checked and if I had some of the rules activated, let’s say it was deactivated, but I had to deactivate the other half of the rules.

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