Ad Viewing time table

Hi, Is there any timetable of Ad View? I am using 13 hours Brave browser daily but I get ad only 3 to 4 hours per day (average 20 to 25 ad daily only). I don’t know why they do like this?

Hi there, depens on the location I believe.

I use to receive as many ads as you, however, after I moved to another country I only get like 4 ads per day.

I hope you get an answer about the time table, I am curious too!

@raulg7g Last month I got more ad per day in same location. But from last 4 days i am getting few ad. In this COVID19 I have no money what will I do in this few amount?

Thanks God. Today I am getting more and more ad.

Again same problem. I get only 10 Ads daily. After that no ad any more.
Hello bro @eljuno have you any solution?

@nabin786 I’m pretty sure it’s normal. The number of ads you see will depends on the availability of ads catalog in your country and “match” found between your interest and the ad campaigns. As described here FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

I’m only see 2 ads per day because currently there’s only 2 active campaign in my country.

@eljuno Now I understand. Nice answer I appreciate.