Can't have my bat even if i'm watching ads

I have enabled the brave ads in order to receive some BAT. The thing is that i’ve clicked on the ads to watch some but in my wallet, the ads numbers is still on one, but i have watched at least 5 ads from the beginning.
I even tried to uninstall brave and reinstall, still the same problem.

If you have any solution, thank you very much


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You say that you’ve been watching ads in Brave – can you be more specific as to what ads you’re seeing/watching?

How long has it been since the ad was viewed? I have noticed a delay in that statistic updating. Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Polling cycle maybe?

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i click on a pop up like this :

Then it open the ad in my brave browser (right now with this ads it didn’t, i don’t know why). However i stay a bit on the ads page then close it.

I just looked at brave’s reward and now i see that i have seen 4 ads (maybe it’s just delayed, i have to wait a bit, but i’m pretty sure i’ve seen more than 4 ads in total…)

@Creegz now it’s been more than 24 hour but when i posted my question it was maybe one hour or more.

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