Launching Brave triggers keyring-related warning

Using :
Version 0.70.122 Chromium: 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

On all flavors of desktop Linux, here is the warning
“the password you use to log into your computer no longer matc hes that of your keyring”.

It only happens when I launch Brave and always happens when I launch Brave.

DDGing the internet brings up “solutions” but my concerns are:

  1. I do not want to in any way transmit my login pw to Chrom(e)(ium) and therefore Google (it seems it’s Chromium related)…unattributed popups coming from Chromium’s codebase which want to know my Linux login pw make me wary…

  2. I do not want my passwords left unencrypted or inaccessible (to me) on my machine.

Forgive me if this has nothing to do with Brave. Any information is very much appreciated!! I am totally at sea.

I have seen that before and you’re right it’s not specific to Brave, but since Brave uses the gnome-keyring, then it triggers this popup.

The key is that you need to update the GNOME keyring password so that it matches your login password. This requires using the “seahorse” program.

Have a look at these:

Just to be clear, the pop-up isn’t coming from Chromium/Brave. However, if you supply it then you’ll be asked for it every time you start the browser. So you’re better off fixing the underlying problem (the login password no longer matching the keyring password) so that the keyring is automatically unlocked at login time.

Thank you so much! This resolves this issue for me.

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