Private Tab option removed from new version

Thew newest version of brave removed one of the best features, private tabs as opposed to private windows. I liked having two separate things open in the same window. I will not be using the new version of brave until this is addressed


Same. That was my favourite feature, and the main reason I kept using Brave. Definitely a retrograde step.

I feel the same way…best feature removed :frowning:

Also the Session Tabs have gone. Have you noticed how similar the control panel is to Chrome? I fear that Google are involved in Brave somehow.

It uses chromium now, so that is why it’s similar. However, they personally removed all the nasty google elements of chromium and are just using the base framework. So you don’t need to worry about that part.

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New Private Window seems to be there now. You can select Tor when the private window opens…

The window is the problem. It used to be tabs, so you didn’t have to have two windows open. It was a cleaner look overall

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I fell the same way!

I am new to Brave browser. Can you tell me that What was last version of brave browser (mac desktop) that supports private tor tab?

Found it. Last released version which supports tor private tab is 0.25.2 that can be downloaded from