Not seeing "Private tab with Tor" option


i’m not seeing the option to start a “Private tab with Tor”. Is this a bug, or am i missing something…?

(macOS 10.14)


It’s located in here right now:

Don’t worry, we’ll be rearranging/designing many of the settings/preferences location to be more intuitive and look more like Brave.

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Oh right, thanks! That’s a well hidden spot indeed :slight_smile:

We have an open issue to track this: Private windows & Tor windows: text, menu, and keyboard shortcut issues · Issue #1671 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

The ‘New private window with Tor’ item is now available in the three-dot menu (and in right-click on links, as ‘Open link in private window with Tor’); it was an oversight on my part that it got omitted from the File menu, and we’re going to fix that soon.

Note that Brave no longer has private tabs (with or without Tor); like most other browsers these days, it only has private windows.

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I was confused by this as well. Would be good to add some information on your Blog.

It’s an open issue. We’ll fix it when we can.