Considering Tor's current vulnerabiliies (July/August 2020), why isn't Brave disabling New Private Windo with Tor?

I hope this feedback hits a nerve somewhere at Brave because I believe it is a very important issue that needs addressing.
In light of Tor Browser’s current (May, 2020 to current) vulnerabilities that I have read about. I need to know why Brave has not disabled “New Private Window with tor”. I have not used my Tor with any browser I have on my mac since reading of these vulnerabilities. I haven’t even asked Bruce Schneier for his opinion as I believe this to be a time to refrain from Tor usage until they have patched these vulnerabilities. I am beyond asking Brave if it is safe to use New Private Window in tor because I have already assessed unsafe. Better to err on the side of caution than compromise devices). I hope you can reply to my feedback but ultimately not sure that I will be using Brave for some time yet just to stay safe. I have been waiting since March to return to work and I work in an industry in which safety in a default.

Not to get off-topic, but if “safety” (whatever that means) is that important, your company, or you (if an independent), should be using a commercial-grade VPN client [service] on your devices (keep in mind, browsers are not the only piece of software that accesses the Internet).

And keep in mind - even the best VPN services, as well as banks and so on, have been cracked.