Updated to 0.57.18 - What happened to Tor and Session Tabs?

Hello, I just upgraded to 0.57.18 and I no longer have access to Tor or Session Tabs. I don’t see anything in Settings. Has that functionality been removed in the latest build?

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Hi @cloudsecguru,

“Private Tabs” and “Private Tabs with Tor” is now “Private Windows” and “Private Windows with Tor”. You can found it in hamburger menu (upper right) or right-click context menu.

Session window is not yet implented.
EDIT: Logged issue here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/34


Thanks for following up, @eljuno. Is there any plan to have Tabs (Private and Private with Tor)? That was a great feature to have so I could have multiple tabs open in Private Mode. With Private Windows, I have to manage multiple windows. Same thing with Session Windows. It was very convenient to use session Tabs and not Windows.

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I second that. Private Tabs was much better than Private Window. I am aware that there is a “bug” filed in GitHub to entice the devs to bring them back.

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