Release Channel 1.3.113

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Release Notes

  • Added New Tab Page Sponsored Images. (#7883)
  • Added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads for over 30 new regions. (#6825)
  • Added the ability for multiple segments to trigger ad notifications. (#6256)
  • Added OS level targeting for ads. (#4761)
  • Added server configurable default tip amounts. (#6011)
  • Added web compatibility reporter on Brave Shields. (#4262)
  • Added additional zoom levels. (#6943)
  • Added the ability for users to disable autocomplete. (#843)
  • Added the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy. (#454)
  • Added auto-compaction for sync to reduce transferred data amount. (#6552)
  • Updated permissions for Uphold user wallets for Brave Rewards. (#7713)
  • Updated UI for the Brave Rewards widget on the New Tab Page. (#7885)
  • Updated text to indicate that wallet verification is optional. (#7102)
  • Updated “Thank you” text on monthly contribution banner. (#6744)
  • Updated ads panel on brave://rewards to display BAT with 1 decimal place. (#6774)
  • Updated speaker button on pinned tabs so it cannot be clicked. (#6358)
  • Updated Widevine setting to be install specific instead of profile specific. (#6747)
  • Updated the New Tab Page to be more dynamic. (#7884)
  • Updated sync chain preferences. (#6504)
  • Disabled out of process rasterization by default. (#7581)
  • Fixed crash which occurred when extensions-toolbar-menu is enabled in brave://flags. (#5646)
  • Fixed ads crash in certain cases. (#6880)
  • Fixed Brave Rewards widget not reflecting auto contribute amount. (#6740)
  • Fixed wallet balance not updating dynamically on the tip banner. (#7047)
  • Fixed incorrect balance displaying when rewards is toggled off. (#6335)
  • Fixed claim banner not being removed from brave://rewards in certain cases. (#6741)
  • Fixed the tipping banner always showing a disabled vertical scrollbar. (#6222)
  • Fixed multiple entries displaying in ads history for the same ad notification. (#6205)
  • Fixed inability to open ad notifications from notification center on Windows. (#4102)
  • Fixed certain cases where browser doesn’t retry to get new signed ad tokens. (#6647)
  • Fixed global shields setting for “Only block cross-site cookies” not working. (#6804)
  • Fixed missing context menu items. (#6513)
  • Fixed inconsistent naming for Site Settings in brave://settings/clearBrowserData. (#6627)
  • Fixed exported password file name. (#629)
  • Fixed “Add to Chrome” being displayed instead of “Add to Brave” in Chrome Web Store. (#5730)
  • Fixed inability to login to Expensify with Google Authentication. (#5869)
  • Fixed certain cases where bookmarks are missing from sync after chain creation. (#7251)
  • Fixed certain cases where bookmark location changes are not synced to other devices on chain. (#8065)
  • Fixed issue with sync chain reset when device is offline. (#3628)
  • Fixed webview crash on . (#7453)
  • Fixed display glitches in certain cases. (#6979)
  • Fixed top sites widget not moving up when stats widget is hidden on the New Tab Page. (#7855)
  • Fixed typescript files not displaying syntax highlighting in Developer Tools. (#5618)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.87. (#8058)