March Rewards seem to not appear

I was supposed to get 1.8 BAT from March rewards and it never came and now how much i earned is gone

I was coming here to look for posts for the exact same reason. From what I can tell (my first month getting a payout from Brave), is they are still processing. It starts processing on the 7th, and can take several days after that. I just don’t like that I can’t see my earning from last month anywhere.

When I go to view last month’s statement, it shows that I’ve earned nothing. This part confuses me a little unless it updates when the payout occurs.

Edit: Found this on a reddit post:
BAT Team | Product Manager (Rewards)

Yes, we’re currently working on re-issuing this (the April 2022) payout, so you might not see the payout button at this time. We are aiming to re-issue this payout this coming week."

Reddit Post Here

This is all the info available at this time. solution

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