Laggy experience when "Hardware Acceleration' turned on

For some reason, when Hardware Acceleration is on, everything is brave is very laggy, kind of if it was limited to 10FPS, scrolling switching through tabs, and i even notice it when i’m typing. I need this option on but without this type of lag, since yeah, if i turn it on everything is smoother but i need it on for some websites like Apple Music, because without the option turned on everything is very slow, but if i turn it on, it’s not smooth, but fast and laggy…

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Which GPU are you using?

Could try enabling vulkan; brave://flags/#enable-vulkan and/or test various brave://flags/#use-angle options.

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I currently have a GTX 960 2GB

I would suspect there maybe a GPU bottleneck due to the 960. Would test video resolutions at 1080p or 720p, anything higher may cause issues.

If you’re talking about YouTube videos, then no, i tried to set a video to 2k, had no issues, only at 4k a very tiny little bit of stuttering that doesn’t happen all the time.

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