Bookmark hotkeys

I would like to make a fairly simple feature request, which Firefox supports, but which neither Chrome nor Brave seem to. It is the reason why I do not consider switching from Firefox. In Firebox, you can type Alt-B to get a pulldown menu of the bookmarks, and which you can then select by the first letter. If there is a bookmark folder, you can enter the folder and continue to press first letters. Not everyone will do things this way, but it is very fast for me to get to my few favorite dozens of bookmarks by organizing them into folders and with unique first letters. I can press just two or three keystrokes to get to a bookmark in less time than I could even get my hand from the keyboard over to the mouse, much less find and click on something in the bookmarks menu. I don’t think that Brave has anything like this (or does it??), but I easily navigate/select all my Firefox bookmarks very quickly this way. Just play with it on Firefox and you’ll see how it works. Anyway, such a feature would seem easy to implement (I am a software developer), doesn’t bother anybody who doesn’t want to use it, but is incredibly useful for those who do. The hotkey doesn’t have to be Alt-B (though that seems to be currently unused). Just a thought/suggestion/question. Thanks!