Keeping Brave rewards safe

I am using an android phone and normally do a clean install of any android update. Plus I am in India where recently uphold has stopped supporting the region. Is there anyway where I can keep THE BAT collected safe and upgrade the software using wallet ID or something and transfer the data after the update. This till uphold accepts India linking again. Please help

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I’m asking sincerely to understand, but why? I only have ever let the devices update themselves and keep everything on it. I don’t understand any benefit to doing a clean install.

Usually for Desktop a person would just copy the \Brave folder and then move it back onto the device after. It should be the same philosophy for Android but I’m not sure how it works. I’ve not had anyone who shared success yet I don’t think.

That said, you would check brave://version to see where your path is saved. For mine, Profile path is /data/user/0/com.brave.browser/app_chrome/default. So I’d then have to copy that and then after the clean install, would install Brave but DO NOT OPEN IT. You’d then replace that Profile Path with the old one, and if all goes well, would have it all.

Again though, not sure if it’ll work. Oh, and the reason I emphasized that you can’t open Brave before replacing that is once you open, it creates a Rewards encryption. You need to put old encryption first.

Is there any tutorial or video of replacing old brave file on desktop after new installation?

A proper tutorial? somewhere probably.
I can tell you though. I did it a few days back and working.

Go here:
C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

In that folder take the “Default” folder and put it somewhere safe. Then after you did a fresh install of windows(I assume you use windows", just after installing brave, go to the folder address above again, delete the new default folder and copy your old saved Default folder in there.
Viola, your rewards are recovered. Your extensions etc aswell. But you have to reconfigure them.

I’m not sure if any User ever did a video and am not going to try searching for one. That’s an unofficial method that works in the meanwhile.

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