Keep having to log in to Uphold?

OK first off, this is not related to rewards connection to Uphold. It is related to the fact that my Uphold Dashboard on my browser, which is bookmarked and the page kept open all day most days, keeps logging me out, even if all I am doing is refreshing the page to see the updated balance. I tried clearing cookies, cache, everything and logging back in again but the problem persists. This behaviour has been for the last few days. I looked at my browser settings on exit and none of them are checked. I’ve put in a support request from Uphold but asking here too in case its something to do with the browser? I use Windows and keep the browser updated daily Brave is up to date [Version 1.50.121 Chromium: 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)]. No VPN.

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I guess this is by design to protect users. Leaving a session open is a shortcut for hackers to get into users’ accounts.
Have you tested with a different browser?

It seems to be something to do with my DHCP connection not Brave, but I’ve used the same set up for years with no problems until last week. It is likely a security feature to protect my account but what I and Uphold are trying to figure out is why all of a sudden Uphold is acting like this.

I used to be remembered, click my bookmark and be into my dashboard instantly. Only occasionally (as a security measure) would the system make me log in again. But now I log in and within 30 mins I am forgotten and have to log in again. And the log in process:

  1. Check box to acknowledge I have read notice about fraudulent activities
  2. Enter log in ID and pw
  3. Complete 2FA
  4. Click a link in an email to confirm its me
  5. Check the blinking box to acknowledge I have read notice about fraudulent activities (again).

On the few occasions I was required to log in before it was always just steps 1-3 but now its 5 steps and then when I refresh the page to update my balance - even if only 20-30 mins later, I’ve been logged out and have to start all over - its getting on my last nerve!

Having said that, Uphold are investigating and I hope to God they can fix it so it works as it did before again! :slight_smile:

Actually, after reading this: NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue - #3 by WilsonPhillips I am wondering if my problem is related - the missing data could explain why I am no longer being remembered when I log in to Uphold. Weird, because I am not noticing it on any other sites.

having exactly the same problem so i’m really happy you’ve brought it up. the log-in process is just tiresome. to have to do it again because i went to make a cup of tea is pretty infuriating, ngl. yes, i should be more secure and log out, but let ME choose when that is.

p.s. uphold is still connected to my brave, showing the correct BAT, but i cant view the uphold dashboard without relogging

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You don’t know how happy I am to not be the only one suffering this, albeit I’m sorry too! I’ve virtually stopped using Uphold when usually I am on there 24/7! Uphold connected to browser and creator account same way, just using the Uphold website is the issue.

yeah, it just makes me not wanna bother, so i guess the solution here is - dont use uphold? :man_shrugging:

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@Tidyyy Uphold have finally informed me that they have made security changes after all:

For security purposes, the Uphold account will automatically be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

I understand where they are coming from - my bank does the same thing - but at least my bank notifies me with a countdown and asks me if I need more time first.

@Saoiray So some browsers and extensions let you set auto-refresh at certain intervals for select URLs - just wondered if that was an option anywhere in Brave, or whether you would recommend any of the available extensions? This Uphold thing driving me BATs! :bat:

@Thrive it’s not anything I’m aware of within Brave and I don’t tend to use any extensions. Definitely haven’t heard of one that anyone has said that would auto refresh or anything. Not sure I would see any aspect where Brave would even want to implement something like that.

I’m assuming best people to tag in on this would be @Mattches and @steeven. They’ll know if there’s any “tricks” to keep sites engaged even when you’re not on it. And to highlight for them, your issue here is how places like Uphold and your bank automatically log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity and you’d like a way to make them think you’re active and not log you out. (At least, I believe that’s what you’re saying, right?)

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Yep. My bank send a popup which I can click for more time - works fine for me as I’m only logged in to transact and out again. Uphold is the issue. For 4 years I have the dashboard open in the background as I work every day. As it’s not live, you have to refresh to update your portfolio balance as the market fluctuates. I don’t sit trading/refreshing on Uphold every day, I’m working. Recent security change by Uphold logs you out without warning every 15 mins. I know its for my own good but logging back in, 2FA, checking notices x 2 every 15 mins is just not cricket. So I rarely log in any more.

A friend uses an auto refresh extension in the UK to stop from being logged out of sites he is using as he works throughout the day. I searched to see if there’s one to refresh Predefined Pages and came across this by way of example.

I repeat for the benefit of Mattches and steeven, this is nothing to do with rewards connection to Uphold, its to do with every day use of the Uphold website. The problem is not Brave end, so I am grateful if the guys can make any suggestions. I posted this topic because I’d rather be able to refresh a predefined page securely within the browser itself, and I’ve noticed there’s a lot of tips and tricks in here to things you can do in the back end (where I am a complete novice). So I thought I’d ask here first before messing with any extensions.

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Unfortunately there is nothing you/we can do about this. The functionality is built directly into the website. There’s no way that is built-into the browser to set tabs to auto-refresh.

That said, there are plenty of extensions you can use for this behavior.

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