Brave rewards logs me out of Uphold as soon as I connect to a VPN

Very recently Uphold asked me to re-log into my account from my Desktop as it has done in the past periodically.

When I attempted to do so the Uphold loading screen stays forever unless I disconnect from my VPN.
Once disconnected it loads properly and I can log into my account and authorize it via 2FA. It shows the correct balance etc, and appears to be working correctly.

The problem is as soon as I connect to my VPN again (any server) brave rewards immediately logs me out of my uphold account. I typically use servers in my own country, but i tried this with several severs around the globe just to check.

This is a new phenomenon. I have specified the country and region I live in and have been using brave rewards with a VPN on for almost 2 years.

This issue does not happen on my phones nor my media center which is running the same operating system.

I am using Brave Desktop on Linux Mint 21
[Version 1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

@Saoiray @Aman_M might be able to assist better.

I can’t test (unsupported region). Maybe @Mattches or someone else might know if it’s intended or not.


I don’t know what has happened, but after days of having this occur, I just disconnected from my VPN, clicked log-in, which automatically re-connected my rewards and it didn’t log me out when I re-connected to my VPN.
I had previously done this probably 20 times with no success. The only other difference I noticed was that on all of the failed attempts I had to log into Uphold using my password and 2FA to get it to connected, but this time it did not ask me for anything and just did it automatically.

Not sure what changed as this bug persisted for awhile and I didn’t do anything different this time. It appears to have fixed itself, maybe it was a cookie issue with uphold? I don’t know.

I will update if it comes back.

More Information:

The issue started happening again, and I am 99% sure it is due to my VPN, but more specifically what servers I am connected to and how those are handled by Uphold.

For my specific circumstances, my VPN automatically connects to what is fastest and that is almost always a Montreal based server. For some reason, the Montreal based servers are by far the most blocked ones I’ve ever encountered across the board for so many websites and services. I’ve had numerous issues with them and now I can add Uphold and Brave rewards to that list. I had a few problems with Toronto and Vancouver based servers, but they seem to be in the minority, whereas seemingly 100% of all Montreal based servers available to me are blocked.

VPN provider is ProtonVPN


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