External VPN and location restriction problem

I have tried looking for this specific information or reasoning behind it but had no success in doing so

I use an external VPN, a paid one and a few weeks ago was locked out of my Brave Rewards account for “suspicious activities” or something like that. I reset my rewards and decided to wait a few days since Uphold also didnt seem to load and sent me to a maintenance page

Through trial and error I found out that Brave will now automatically log me out if I connect to another country while browsing the internet and it seems extremely counter intuitive that I should connect within my own country using a VPN when the whole idea behind a VPN is precisely to connect to servers in other places for both safety and to access things that might not be available and since Brave already knows where my account is because I have verified my Identity to Uphold, why not simply show me ads using that information as a parameter? I understand its most likely to avoid people from exploiting the ads system

Using Brave to access certain services is also safer than using a NETFLIX, Amazon or any social media app and in most cases I would not even open one of those without a VPN on either to access the catalog or to avoid further datamining and having the VPN in my country does not seem very smart no matter how I look at it

Of what? Not your Rewards. If you’re speaking of Uphold, I think you’re jumping to the wrong conclusion. We had someone recently speak on this. Uphold has changed their site to log Users out of the site after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Brave won’t erase cookies or log you out of websites because you use VPN or anything. However, those sites can have your cookies expire if your details do change. That would be those sites, not the browser. And sites would do this to protect you.

Yes, it will automatically disconnect uphold from rewards, like a forced loggout, and no ads will show if I use a VPN to connect to another country, if I click on “reconnect” it will go to Uphold’s maintenance page and to properly reconnect I need to connect to a VPN server in my own country to then click reconnect again

This is something I have tested under several circumstances, but I was actively using the browser while only changing my VPN location which instantly causes the disconnection which appears at the Rewards icon

I live in Brazil and as soon as I connect to U.S or Europe, Brave Rewards will tell me I have been disconnected, if I try to reconnect while in those places it will fail since the URL used to validate the request seems to not work, then if I connect back to Brazil it does

Yes, brave rewards forces a loggout from my uphold account as soon as I connect to another country

I have tested this a few times under different circumstances and even right after logging into uphold.

If I connect to Europe or U.S since I’m from neither of those places, the rewards icon shows an orange notification, upon opening it, it says I have been logged out and asks me to reconnect. After I click reconnect it gets me to an uphold maintenance page and I am not reconnected, if I connect back to my country and attempt to reconnect once again, it does work but I can repeat the process several times and the same thing happens

I even did it while I had uphold open in one of my tabs, but the result was the same, I assume its something between uphold and Brave with the authentication checking location and where the account was supposed to be

This is unrelated to my issue, which is being constantly logged out of the Uphold website. I used to have the page open in the background every day as I worked, refreshing now and then to check my crypto balances as prices fluctuate. But now Uphold log me out of their website constantly if I am not active for 15 mins. Logging in is laborious, a box to check, email address, password, submit, 2FA, another box to tick, and randomly also an email for security purposes to click and get back in, following which yet another flicking check box. So I’ve literally stopped logging in to Uphold now except once in a while to check my balance and go. I originally thought it might be a data loss issue with Uphold cookies on the browser.

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