JumpTask Problem Transaction

Hello, Good evening
As a Honeygain user I wanted to transfer my earnings from JumPask Wallet to Brave Wallet.
After launching the transaction everything goes well it tells me that the transaction is successful and everything is fine there are logs but my Brave wallet remains empty and does not detect any incoming transaction…
Does it take a long time? Are my earnings lost?
I added the custom asset which is recognized but it only shows me the price curve

Do you have any solutions?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Cataclysme,

Could you try adding the JumpToken to your token listen by clicking the “add to MetaMask” button on the token’s coingecko page?

Hi thank for the respoding @jleonard

Sorry to answer late I was on vacation.

I tried your solution with success the Token is well to add but again only the curve and not my balance.

I asked around on the JumpTask discord and after a long discussion I concluded that it was a problem directly in the wallet. We tried everything, even one of the JumpTask staff had the same problem, but he told me that I could still send the chips and receive them without seeing the balance.

You can try removing the old entry from your custom assets and then adding the coin gecko ID for the price data here:

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