My Jumptask tokens disappeared when I transferred them to my brave wallet

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Description of the issue: My JMPT disappeared

Is the issue occurring on a specific network? No

What operating system are you using? Windows 11 x64

Brave Version (check About Brave): [
Version 1.66.118

Additional Information:
I transferred my JMPT using BNB to brave wallet but there have been no sign of transaction. the transaction hash is:

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You probably just need to select Binance Smart Chain in Brave wallet then add asset. Get the contract from BscScan for your transaction. Copy and paste the contract into token address.

Here’s a screenshot but please double check the address yourself. You don’t want to blindly follow stuff to do with crypto.


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thank you so so much

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@AarohaBhandari I just want to confirm, this is resolved, right? Asking as you didn’t mark it solved image yet.