Brave Browser wallet bug: coin stuck in wallet!

I’m unable to do anything with my Streamr (XDATA) token, to include transferring back to the wallet I sent it from.

Although it’s sitting in my XDATA sub-wallet (Not the new DATA, my whole point in transferring my XDATA to Brave Wallet was to migrate to DATA though) with the correct coin count and real-time value changes, the coin isn’t located at the top like my ETH is, nor is the value updated at the top; nor is it accurate after my failed migrate and transfer attempts (which say “0 ETH value”).

I just noticed after another attempt today, that when I “edit” the transfer before I pull the trigger on it, taking me back to the initial box where you input the amount of coin to transfer, that the amount of coin I put in had somehow changed to some random string of numbers bringing it sometimes into the millions… :man_facepalming:?! I change it back, hit “next”, then “edit” again where it takes me back, and BOOM, same thing. I reject the trade, try this process again and again with the same results. If I let it go forward after making changes, mind you that it always shows the correct amount to confirm unless I edit, then pull the trigger, I run into the original problem of failed everything. Please help!

Hi! I have similiar problem, did you get any support?

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