Jumbled Bookmarks After Importation

I did some searching through the community and couldn’t find a related topic. If there is already one out there, go ahead and delete this :slight_smile:

So I export my bookmarks to an HTML file from my old browser. I then open brave and import those boomarks into Brave with a fresh sync code. I then go in and start managing the bookmarks to get them organized how I like them. When I take that Sync code and plug it into another device, the bookmarks are not organized how I originally organized them on the first computer. They are completely jumbled up.

It’s not that big of a deal right, i’ll just reorganize them again through the bookmark manager on that second device. Well when i’m finished re-organizing them on the second device, i’ll go back to the original device and they are now completely jumbled on that device too. So it’s like a never ending cycle of jumbled bookmarks lol.

Is there any way around this or anything I can do to prevent this? Thanks guys/gals :slight_smile:

Brave Version: 0.59.35
Chromium :72.0.3626.81
Windows Build: 17134

Hi @Javin!
Just real quick, you mention exporting bookmarks as HTML, but then also mention bookmark Sync. I’m curious about your process given that “exporting” bms on old browser is not needed in order to Sync. I’d like to ask:

  • What are the source and destination Sync devices (that is, are you trying to Sync Desktop --> Desktop, Desktop --> Mobile, Mobile --> Desktop, etc.)?
  • Are you saying that, after Sync is complete and you’ve organized bms on one device, they appear jumbled/disorganized on the other device on the Sync chain without Syncing a second time? Or does this happen after you try to Sync again?
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Alright, so for me to use Brave I ended up finding a extension in the chrome store that would allow me save and organize bookmarks, no matter what browser or computer that i’m on. I used that for the mean time until sync was working on Brave. Just a bit of a preface in answering your question. So my process is this:

  1. Export from extension to HTML File.
  2. Create sync code.
  3. Import HTML bookmarks to PC1
  4. Organize bookmarks on PC1 to way that I like to have them.
  5. Take my sync code and plug it into Brave on PC2.
  6. Jumbled mess of bookmarks happens here on PC2. None of the organization that I had setup on PC1 carries over to PC2.
  7. On PC2 I spend time organizing the bookmarks again. Exactly like PC1.
  8. I then go back over to PC1 after some time, and now they are all jumbled up and nothing like how I initially set them up. (Possibly because of how I re-organized them on PC2? Not sure)

I’m on Windows 10.

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