Merge Imported Bookmarks option

Hi, i was wondering if we could get a feature that provides the user the option to merge imported bookmarks from other browsers instead of duplicating them - its really nasty to go through all those bookmarks just to sync them up. Or is there a sync browser bookmarks option i am unaware of?

I tried to just copy and paste them into the same directory via the bookmark manager after the import, but it would not overwrite them, it only duplicated them.

many thanks gang and keep up the great work! … Once i land a new job again i will definitely be donating to you folks!

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There is no built-in functionality for this at this time. However, I would recommend using one of several browser extensions that can do this for you. Simply import your bookmarks from the other browser into Brave (duplicates and all), find an extension that suits your purpose – the choice is yours, but I found this one to work quite nicely personally – install it, then use the extension to remove duplicates.

That is a bit of a hassle but shouldn’t take much time at all and should suffice for a workaround until such a feature is available in the browser by default.

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