I've not received the payment from creators for Nov. 13

Hello to all Brave support, I know very well that the announcement of payments is still “pending”, but from the contact I have with other members of the community I know that since Nov 11 many users are already receiving payments.

I have not received it yet and I would like to know if they are still processing or if I will have to contact someone.

I don’t know if the delay is due to the problems that occurred at the end of Oct and the beginning of this month. Where the wallets were disconnecting themselves from the Publishers, I hope this is not the case because it is a problem that is beyond the user’s control.

Without more to add I hope you can give me a clarification on this and I attach a screenshot and some data that I do not know if they can help. Best regards!

OS: Windows 7
Brave Version:
Versión 1.31.91 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Build oficial) (32 bits)
Special mention: @steeven @Mattches if that’s any help.

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Can you send your channel link?

I want to visit your channel

Same here i dont know why they dont address the core issue and give users clarification and assurance thats its going to be okay

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mostly the support team will say wait until the payment process completed and if not received raise a issue
mostly by 17 th we get our funds it takes around a week everytime!

Hope its clear

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Yep yep, that is clear to me. But as they never have fixed dates, sometimes they start after the scheduled date, sometimes as in this case they start days before, but most likely they will tell me that. Anyway, I will keep this post saved when they say that the payments are completed and then I will have to contact someone.

Yep I do agree with it
normal funds will start at 7th i think
and will be out by 12 and
creators will start on 13th and will be out by 17
and if u have 2 diferent batches like
1 website
1 youtube channel
the funds will even be send at different times

like all channels are different and processed in a way

The only thing which will be good is
If they add more transparency Like how many transaction done whats our number in the list
Showing these things will reduce many tickets (im not blamming u something sorry if it ment in that way)
@steeven sir once look into adding transparenct like queue number of make into batches
so u can very few issues raised everyday when funds process starts!
have a nice day
Thank you

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Exactly. That would help to avoid creating so much uncertainty in the community and so many redundant posts. I’m not usually alarmed, I always receive my payments and almost never have to talk to support, but this time it did seem strange to me.

We’ll keep an eye out for a response. Greetings!

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last time i got on 16th lets see
as that was my 1st payout hahaha!


I received the 15th last month, so I was waiting until today. But as you say, it could be as late as the 17th, there are still days to go, no need to be alarmed.


@Manolito020 please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!


Well, officially the payments are complete and I did not receive. Mr. @steeven I wrote to you yesterday by DM, I await your prompt reply.

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Same issue of me payment completed and my payment not received.

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My Email id vishalkumar.aec@gmail.com
Check my payment not receive.

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I suggest you delete that comment and send it to him by DM. Do not leave your personal data so public.

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No recibí el pago de Brave Creators del 13 de noviembre :frowning:

Brave is great, but it falls apart because of its lousy support. I’m not saying it myself, check the comments in the community and you will realize it.

Anyone with two fingers in front is aware that they must have a lot of cases to solve and it is normal that they take a long time to respond; but it is amazing that if you don’t insist, you don’t get a response.

Keeping people updated about your case will make the difference between calm and the uncertainty and doubt that is created in the community.

If you ever deign to respond to my DM’s and those of many others, I would appreciate it.

Greetings from another user.


Some time after writing this message, Steeven resolved my doubts about my situation and now I can only wait. You can close this post now.

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I didn’t receive the payment from creators for Nov. 13

My email id: natasha.paulon@gmail.com

Please, check my payment, because I didn’t receive it!

Do publishers now receive my donations made between the 1st and 13th of the month? when did this change?

please help me i haven’t received my rewards for 2 months now