It is the first time that brave is late in my payment help!

It is the first time that brave is late in my payment help! We are already on February 23 and nothing, a friend was paid on the 14th of this month and it will not be for me because of the updates, errors I do not know, also solve this problem that every so often asks to verify the creator with uphold and I do that but I enter another day and It again asks for verification and I am in the admitted country. It wasn’t like that before or they don’t want to pay anymore? Any administrator help and send my help here. and they answer nothing I hope they solve yes thanks for the answer and help.


Main thing I’m showing you is not the idea of payments being complete, but the instructions given on things to look at and the link for the form to fill out.

Well, I already sent the complaint there and nothing solves what’s wrong with brave, I have to verify my creator, I wait for the 24 hours they say and I don’t even appear as a verified creator and I’m in the admitted country, solve that problem if you please.

They also haven’t paid me and it’s the first time this has happened to me! Lastly, I already verified my creator and I don’t appear as a verified creator, it’s been like 3 days and nothing that I know of was 24 hours but nothing comes out verified! What’s up with brave? Fix that by vafor, brave administrator, my payment and fix the verifications, yes please.

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