It wouldn't hurt to have bigger buttons like Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has bigger, thicker buttons. This works great for 2-in-1 laptops and just feels more relaxed anyway. Make this optional in settings in case some users don’t want it.

Hi everyone

There are many posts that raise the issues related to the small size of buttons, folder icons, icons, tabs, menu , etc…, and it is naturally a very good idea to have a built-in setting in Brave to increase/decrease the size at the user’s choice; But so far nothing new has come out from the developpers to respond to this . To be fair to Brave, this issue also occurs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera and other Windows apps such as MS WORD and MS EXCEL; So, it is primarly a Windows Settings. I was having the same problem with my laptop because of the default settings of Windows . Since, I increased the size by 10% and it suits very well my eyesight needs (See befroe and after images).

In Windows:

  1. To increase size menu, icons, text in url bar: Open Windows Settings, go to Accessibility, and click on text size to increase size.

  2. To increase width of tab: Open brave://flags/, search for tab scrolling and enable as in image below. Result: Tabs are wider and you can scroll left or right to other tabs. (BE careful with FLAGS!)

  3. To increase content of pages, CTRL+mousewheel does the job.