A bigger back button please

I’ve recently moved to Brave from Firefox and I love it.
BUT…I’d love it even more if it was more customisable. Presently the only thing that is annoying me is the pathetically small back button (actually all 4 of them up there on the left) with no option to make them larger.
I’m used to the big circular one on Firefox and I miss it. Please consider this for the future. I’ll be here waiting.
Apart from that…keep up the great work and thanks for providing this fabulous browser.

Hi @Sundiesel, Welcome to Community!
Glad to hear you’re enjoying Brave. I’ve converted this topic into a feature request, which means we can now vote on it.

“Thank you” Aa-ron.
I’ve just noticed that MS’s Edge browser also has a considerably larger back button. It makes browsing just that bit easier… not that I go there often.

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