[UX] New tab button is too small

First, I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you’re doing.

Second, I have an issue with the new tab button. It’s so small it’s not clickable from the top edge of the screen like Chromium and Firefox.


I’m just wondering if you’re talking about the Android app. I can’t see what you mean on the windows or iOS version. Maybe have a screenshot and tell your device.

I’m talking about the desktop version. I’m on Fedora Linux

This is Brave

And this is Firefox

Notice the size of the new tab button. In Firefox, it’s big enough that it enables you to click from the top edge of the screen which is easier while navigating instead of centring the mouse on the button. It’s a small difference but it’s been giving me a hard time.

Mine looks more like the size of the firefox one in windows version of Brave. Have you tried changing the font size in Brave?

Anyways the tabs and new tab button are all at the top, so often it’s just easier to use the shortcut keys. CTRL+t for a new tab, CRTL+Tab for the next tab, CRTL+SHIFT+TAB for the previous tab.