My rewards are gone and I don't have your gemini in my account

Hello support guys,

My rewards have not arrived and are not showing up anywhere.

You are unverified, right?
If yes, that means you should have received a claim button. After clicking claim, the BATs get stored on the Brave’s Local files/Rewards wallet on the device. Most likely scenario is that you will receive a claim button in the next payout and will receive BATs of September Payout and October Payout.
Also raise a ticket here to let Brave’s team know about this →

No, it is not likely. It all depends if the issue happened before, during or after reconciliation, or before, during or after payout process.
If rewards were already reconciliated, they will not be reconciliated again in the next month. if the system states that payout was done, it will not be paid again next month.
The only way to solve the issue is by opening a support ticket and let the development team look at it and fix it. Waiting another month will not help.


Okay thanks so much for the info! @rodrige
I apologise for my confusion @uguruzun

I live in Turkey. I’m having a lot of trouble with payments. A solution to this problem will have to get.

Aaditya Pendse via Brave Community <>, 21 Eyl 2022 Çar, 17:10 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Yea raise the ticket on the link below →

Brave’s team will get back to you.
Do note, it could be a while since the team is busy with things

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