It appears that youtube does not allow an ad blocker, because the Brave Shield is activated

When I try to watch videos on Youtube it lets me watch them because the following image appears.

But when I remove the Brave Shield it lets me watch videos. Thank you.

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Set your shields to aggressive in brave://settings/shields

go to brave://settings/content/all and clear Youtube storage and re-log in if necessary.

Disable a DNS ‘adblocker’ if you have any, like Adguard or NextDNS by using a custom unfiltered DNS in brave://settings/security

Watch them unlogged if necessary.

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Thank you for your advice. I followed the step-by-step but I still get the Youtube message.

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Well, there is always the problem of… ‘are you running extensions or anything that can conflict with Brave’s adblocker? or is there something messing with Brave’s adblocker?’ Which I won’t know because I am not using your computer.
It’s rare but could happen, like you modified a flag and you forgot or something.

I haven’t seen any report or updates from uBlock regarding the adblocker. I saw the panel couple times but now not anymore (unlogged).

But today I saw someone using Brave on Twitch playing a Youtube video and no problems there either and he uses Youtube logged in.

The people who are having issues in uBlock github are people who have old stuff, but that’s exclusive to uBlock, since uBlock allows more configuration in the UI.

But, you should test without extensions, start brave with --disable-extensions and if you enabled any flag --no-experiments.

Since you said that turning off the adblocker didn’t display the message.

Did you add any custom adblocker lists or rule?

Did you make sure your DNS is not filtered?

also, check brave://components

Brave Ad Block Resources Library - Version: 1.0.76 - This one is in charge of the resources, the Scriptlets that make sure you don’t get ads in videos.

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1895 - This one controls the Default lists, which includes all the fixes for Youtube by uBlock.

There is no difference between Stable or Nightly on the adblocking part, so it should work just like it works here.

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Thank you very much, I saw that removing a custom list removed the problem. I really appreciate you helping me, I was already worried about having to put up with ads on every video.

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What does clearing youtube storage do? Will it affect my opened tabs or it won’t change anything?

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