Brave doesn't block YouTube Ads

I have to use an external extension to try to block youtube ads, it’s very annoying. It happens since a long time ago

What are your shield settings set to? After setting it to “Aggressively block trackers & ads” I never see any Youtube ads.

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Most youtube extensions will trigger anti-adblock or ads. YT has been aggressive in countering everyone.


Thank you, for some reason I didn’t realize that the shields have been disabled, I don’t know why, maybe because the extension that I downloaded

I find that with those set to the default settings for all sites, you don’t need any additional extensions and can browse the web (almost) entirely ad free – the one exception I’ve found being in-video twitch ads.

Also want to point out as not everyone may be aware, you can add additional filters to ads and trackers under the settings.

Go to Settings > Shields > Content Filtering

(Link to the same place) → brave://settings/shields/filters

If you find some ads not being filtered out by the default settings used above, try out some of those additional filters.

Doesn’t work on my end. Checked all components even got a different extension. Sadly im not expecting much here.

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