Issue with the rewards on phone

I have 4.3Bat in my wallet and the estimated pending rewards was about 24Bat, I clicked on the claim button yesterday, it kept loading for few mins but still didn’t credit to the wallet, I thought I will wait for a day and check but now the estimated pending rewards is just around 4 Bat, where did those 20Bats go? And yes, I have no auto contribution on.


Same happen for me its bug error glitches the admin here will told that will do as they can… But they are lucky users that have been claim their rewards including in my country.!

That’s sad man. They really need to fix this issue and do something for the rewards earned on phone. I mean earning 20 bats through just seeing ads is lot many ads, they must know that. So they really need to verify and claim back the lost BATS

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Hello all. See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

I am sorry, did I read it as, we gotta wait till 1.18.1 version??? Just now I got the update of 1.8 version, so it’s like I gotta wait for 10 more versions and how long does that take??

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Well, they have just corrected the android version which was 1.18 before and now updated as 1.8.112 in the post tagged above, so ignore my previous comment on the issue… Hope it fixes in the next update then.

The issue has been resolved as said in the version of 1.8.112, the lost bats are restored, thanks for resolving it soon. Please close this issue.