Pending BATs never transfer to wallet, and now they're gone altogether

Several months had passed with my Ad rewards remaining as “pending”. I recently checked the status of my rewards to see if they had finally transferred to my wallet. Instead I saw that my pending rewards were reduced from 21BAT to 0.452BAT from April to August (see attached screenshots).
I’ve made sure that the Auto-Contribute function has been off the whole time.
I’ve been able to load my wallet with Grants for creators which is why my wallet doesn’t show as empty in the screenshots.

What do I need to do to not lose my BAT and grow my wallet?

Thank you!


You should probably message an admin, as I’m not a Tech helper/Brave Tech Helper.

Thanks Kristian. I just joined the community. Could you point me in the right direction to locate an appropriate admin?


Leave a 1 star review on the play store and report them to BBB. This happens to hundreds of their users. It’s a scam and they haven’t fixed it in years.


Yep! Go to the home, then click on a new draft, then click on a new topic, and then click new message. If you need screenshots/videos, then I’ll be glad to help you!

Depends on how quick they get this fixed…

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