Did anyone got that or it just me

Hello everyone

recently i get very crazy estimated bat counter 2 days go i had around 3 bat then yesterday it show i have only 0.450 bat then after getting ads it get back to normal but the counter stopped from yesterday till now despite i get around 10 ads but nothing count

today i get the most interesting one

i opened the new tab and i found the estimated raised up to over 88 bats then i open another new tab then it back to the 3 bat again

i think there some madness going with the estimated bat server

Edit : the ads counter increase as normal but the estimated bat never change

2nd Edit : the ads counter and estimated bat stopped counting now

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


I think it was a bug or glitch idk but I encountered that too. It must be that glitch where your estimate turns 0 and turns back to normal after few seconds or on another tab!

but the estimated stopped changing since yesterday

Yes it happened to me, I even took screenshots.
But I get back to my original BATs in some time (after refreshing several times).
Hope it’s alright. :cold_sweat:

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@justsomeone1 Devs are working on counter bug, some people saying their counter started working again including me but the bats started increasing since where it was stuck. (On Android)

@AkshayGaonkar19 It should be totally fine as of I have faced various bugs regarding rewards and they fix itself.

thanks for the info @ShineWhine

now the ads counter and estimated bat stopped counting

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