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Hello Guys @Asad, @chriscat, @eljuno , I have a problem with my payout, days ago my “Next Deposit Date” was August 8th as you can see on the first picture, but now it says thay my Next Deposit Date is on September 8th (picture 2) and i didnt receive the payment for this month

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Can you help me with this?

Thank you

I have the same problem. No payout at all this month and the ‘next deposit date’ has moved to September:

I have had the same problem for two months now as I detailed in my latest post here: Green Checkmark, Publisher Verification and Payments

Are you by chance on twitch mousetrapper? Do you happen to have a green checkmark?

@Mathias_Bras, I think our problem is different to yours. Reading your post, it looks like you aren’t getting credited for BAT donated to your Twitch channel because of a verification problem. The problem here is that the system is successfully crediting our accounts with BAT (mine are from website traffic, and from the screenshot it looks like @Shodexho is a YouTuber) but we didn’t get any transfers from this month’s payout to Uphold, which was meant to be yesterday.

Sorry I can’t offer any insight into your Twitch verification problem, but I hope it gets fixed for you soon.

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Okay, so your issue is with the payments from the publisher portal to Uphold. My apologies, I misunderstood.

Can I ask you a question though @mousetrapper. When a browser process a distribution, do you get that distribution into your publisher account shortly thereafter? Meaning, do you basically get a stream of deposits all though the month as browsers have different payout days?


@Mathias_Bras I see my balance going up over time during the month. Then it goes down, but never quite to zero for some reason, when there’s a payout (except this time!). The balance update feels a bit ‘batchy’, like the balance is recalculated every day or two, maybe? I haven’t followed it closely enough to say for sure. Someone like @Asad could probably answer that more definitively for you.

Thank you for the reply! That is exactly the information I was interested in. It seems like my problem really must be related to not getting the payouts from the twitch side or something similar.

Hi @Shodexho.

It looks like there is a problem with your account. Please zip an email over to You can link back to this thread within your email. Thank you!

Asad @ Brave

@Asad should I also email that address about this or are there different issues going on here?Thanks.

Thanks for your replies @Asad and @mousetrapper , I sent the email to and im waiting for response. But now im triying to access to my brave payments account and it is suspended.

Can you help me with this?


send me the email associated to your publishers account and i’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Hello @Asad , how are you?

have you been able to review the problem with my account? Do you need any other information?

Thanks for your help

Same problem here. No payout and they even blocked my account. Unbelievable such a behavior in a so called “decentralized” economy. Mails to theire support don’t get answered. Don’t know what to do…
They completely undermine their trust and reputation. Think we’ve to move on to the next, real disruptive project.
Whish you luck @Shodexho

Hi, my problem was solved with the help of @Asad

Just send him the email associated to your publishers account and he will check it out.

Be patient and they will respond.

Again, thanks for your help @Asad

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