Not receiving the Bat rewards as previous

Last week I had created a topic regarding my 6th payout not being added to my account and today I got 7th confirmation and I received only 4 BAT, not sure is this for 6th or 7th confirmation even if it’s of anyone, the rewards given is very very less compared to the previous one. And also my last deposit is in Oct and in this monthly payment I received 56 BAT out 98 BAT but even after the rewards sent to uphold, in the reward section it was still showing 98BAT payout in progress and then it got postponed to Dec, I don’t understand why. Can anyone please clarify this?

Hi @SurajSuan04,

I’m not seeing any confirmations for this payout period. It’s likely that the 30day window for confirmation was after the scheduled payout date, so you can expect that BAT in December assuming they confirm.

Hi @steeven
This is Nov statement, please check Oct statement, I have 2 confirmations and I haven’t received BAT rewards for that.
I am editing my reply as the glitch has the been fixed, now the payment for Nov is showing on the creator page but the problem is with the payout, for oct I received 55 BAT for 2 confirmations and again in Nov I received 56 BAT for 2 more confirmations, total confirmations are 7 and for 4 payout is done, for the remaining three confirmations I should have around 82 BAT but i see only 46.33, so @steeven can you please explain what’s the issue ??

Anybody with any solution or clarification, please?

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