Issue with brave rewards. Some of the earnings were passed onto the next month

you have decent solutions :rofl:

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Was this issue resolved cause i am still seeing this

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Tenho mais de 30 BAT preso no Brave desde janeiro e não vai de jeito nenhum pra minha Uphold.

Even worst for me! I had something like 40BAT on my Brave app. But when i verified my account, every single BAT just disappeared!!! I contact the staff but no one seems to want to answer me! Why? Where is the bug? It’s the first time that Brave disapoint me!

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Hi, friend.
First of all, did you check, in Brave Configuration/Brave Rewars, that the flag “Automatic Contribution” is not ON? Because that’s its default state!

I hope so but looks like there wasn’t a perfect way to solve this issue. Some of us will still see larger than expected roll-over balances next month also (including me) and scale of the issue would only be detected next month, unfortunately. Hope for the best.

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