Is this page supposed to pop up in browser all by itself starting with the new Brave 1.58.124 update as of September 14, 2023? is a page/tab that popped into my browser on its own as of the September 14, 2023 update to version 1.58.124.

Is this by design?

If so, it’s a bit unsettling … if not, it’s even more unsettling.

Thank you for any word on this in advance of any replies here.

@treego14 Keep in mind that Brave has Brave Rewards where we can opt into ads and earn BAT. Those ads appear in three different ways. (New Tab Page, Brave News, or Notifications)

So for an example, NTP ad of a current EV.IO is:

As a NTP ad, it just replaces whatever random background image would normally be there. Otherwise it remains as a normal Dashboard window with favorites and all.

If I click on the bottom left where it says or if I click on the character in the middle, it can have links that will open. And when I just tested, it did indeed open to

You can control whether you see NTP ads or ad notifications via your settings at brave://rewards/, such as you see in screenshot below:

I don’t think I clicked on the Bottom Left of a New Tab page, though … perhaps, I did accidentally without realizing it.

I will keep my eyes out for this, and see if it happens again.

Thank you, @Saoiray !!!

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