Adverts on the New Tab window?

I opened a new tab and instead of the usual beautiful cinematic photos I see, I saw a cinematic-ad for Etoro? Is this intentional ad placement? If so, does it count toward Brave Rewards and if not, how can I opt out of new-tab adverts? I have no extensions running that effects the default new-tab page.

Yes for both questions.

On New Tab Page > 4 icon at bottom right > the far left is the settings for NTP if you want to disable it.

Also worth to read

These promotional pictures is the last bit that has convinced me that Brave is not the browser I wanted. Months ago, I had to disable rewards, and now I have to disable these promotional pictures. What’s coming next? Yes, I know nothing is free, but precisely because of that, I pay for supporting my protonmail email account, which doesn’t use ads for income, and I’d pay for a browser as well.

I really loved Brave, I’m sad they didn’t find a business model that doesn’t depend in ads.

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