Ad Pop-Ups are appearing, but not opening a new tab

Hi there, since 2 days brave ads pop-ups are appearing as usual, but when i click on them there is no new tab opening anymore. this only happens to every 2nd or 3rd pop-up, the other work as usual.
also: if a pop-up doesnt open a new tab it changes my brave profile from user 1 to user 2 sometimes.

this is spooky and annoying. how to fix?

Update: Problem still exists.

Further description:
Every now and then a brave-ad pop-up appears at the lower right corner. usually i click on that ad pop-up and a new tab opens with the ad inside for which i receive BAT (Brave Rewards System).

Since a few days not every ad pop-up i click will open up a new tab. at first i thought nothing happens at all. But now i’Ve found out, that instead of opening a new tab while being clicked, the pop up switches my user profiles when i click on it.

this is f… annoying and somehow doesn’t seem trustworthy.

Is this a bug? Does anyone know how to fix?

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