How to start Rewards

I had no idea brave had rewards for users… Been using it for years on PC and mobile, but I JUST created an account after hearing about it.

Can I retroactively get credit, especially on my PC?

Also where are the details on the rewards program, I can find it in your homepage and the forum isn’t useful either for this.

Highly suggested you put this info out there more, I mean we all use web browsers ridiculously often and to find a good one on the chrome engine that pays you back??? That’s gold!


you have been using for years and never got the message that ask you to enable the rewards? I can’t believe it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

for the moment you should read this.

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I see ads all the time, they even pop up on my phone as notifications, so … ?

Thanks for reaching out.

You do not need an account to use Rewards, unless you’re referring to an Uphold account.

There is no way to “retroactively” get paid. If you’re seeing Brave ads, you are earning already. Please see our many resources for Rewards:

Wait so you have to OPEN AND WATCH the ads to get any BAT payment?

I thought there was something you get just for using brave

No, you don’t need to open the ad to get paid

the ads only appear if you are using the browser, so if you ask me, I would say is the same thing

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So if you don’t need to watch ads and you don’t beef an account where do you get your rewards?

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