Is there an option to always allow an extension in private mode?

For various reasons I would like to see if there was an option to always allow an extention in private mode or at least make it harder to turn that option off.

@greyhound53 It depends on the extension and all. If it’s able to run in Private Mode, then you’d just go to brave://extensions/ and then click on Details. Once there, you might see a toggle that says Allow in Private. Below is a screenshot where that’s available in a translating extension I use.

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I know, but my question was if there was an option to permanently make it so that the extension will always work during private mode, or if there was an option to hide that setting so that it always works.

@greyhound53 I answered that. You have to turn on the toggle…then it stays toggled until you turn it off. Did you not try going to where I told you and then adjust it? If not, go try it…setting your extension(s) to work when in Private

I know, im sorry for not explaining this well, let me try again. What im trying to achieve is something similar to this, but in the reverse:

I dont want myself to be able to/have the temptation to turn that option off again, if you know what i mean. I would like to hide the panel it turn it on and just leave it on, like the tor browser, but instead of leaving it off, it would be left on.

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