Is there an *extension* that could Export (URLs) of ALL my OPEN TABS ? (Brave for Android)

…primarily as a backup, but if possible - to reopen them again? (import functionality jointly with export)

I frequently have 80+ open tabs, and repeatedly surpass famous:D” (100+).

If you know something practical, please let me know. If it’s something that could allow me to export the list of URLs (of all open tabs) and re-open them in different Brave instances regardless of the platform (ie. Transfer open tabs from Windows ► Android or ↔/vice versa) that’d be SUPERB! :superhero:

Thanks! :+1:
…for helping me keep my tabs: safe :heavy_heart_exclamation:

PS. I have Brave Sync enabled, but I’m no expert in it. As far as I understand it, it backs up - passwords, browsing history, form-fill data; but not open tabs, right? (Sync couldn’t be used to backup list of all open tabs?)

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Unfortunately we do not presently have a mobile option for exporting all opened tabs. That said, we do have a feature request which would help in the future.


Thank you. That feature (request) seems useful, although a bit different… But logic is to have tabs backed up - useful when we have many open - backed up somehow, somewhere (to local device). And that feature request follows that logic. :+1:

Additionally - Brave Sync cannot be used to simply (somehow) export tabs (ie transfer from Brave mobile to Brave Desktop aka “keeps tabs in sync across devices”) ?