I want to export my open tabs!

Hi, sorry if I sound a little bit rude, but I have now spent way too much time looking for a feature that I was expecting to just find and use immediately - now I am searching this forum and github issues for more than two hours, trying to understand how to export my data - no results.

How can I export all my open tabs?

I would like to reset my device and re-import my browser tabs, or maybe use my tabs on the desktop, however I just want to have full access to my tabs.

I read about Brave being the most privacy respecting browser, but I find myself in a situation where I can not even export my tabs - my data is basically jailed. I can not understand how this feature is missing. I feel like raped. At least there should have been a warning up front!

Also I was looking for workarounds like save all tabs to bookmarks and export bookmarks instead - but none of these is here, too - this is shocking!

Please understand that open tabs should be viewed as user data by developers and that of course there needs to be a way to export that user data. MY TABS are now hostage of Brave browser - this is an impossible situation, totally not acceptable and I hope that this is only happening because I am too stupid to see the obvious way of exporting my tabs / bookmarks.

Seriously, this can not be true. It feels like a bad joke. Or is this some kind of virus that hides exporting of user data from Brave? I have problems believing that developers would release a “privacy aware” browser that actually does not even give me the most basic freedom of exporting my user data.

Please tell me that I am completely wrong here - THANK YOU!

Otherwise, please describe how I can export my open TABS and all my bookmarks - is there any way to access some file on the Android device that contains my open tabs and bookmarks information? Please describe where I need to look for that and how to access these files.

Thanks again for your attention. And yes, I feel quite bad about having to ask for these extremely basic feature - if this is really not implemented, I would strongly recommend to prioritize that - it seems absurd to not have data export available in a Browser that advertises itself with strong privacy features. I can not follow a mindset that even allowed to release the software before this basic feature is implemented. It completely destroys your whole story.

I still hope that I am just an idiot and I am holding it wrong.

Thanks again. Please do not take it personally, but somebody has to ask this.



Unfortunately there is no data export option implemented on Android. It is a limitation for now. We do have an issue created for import/export of bookmarks.

There is no sync tabs options as well. Its been requested but to implement it without having to compromising security needs some work. We will eventually get there.

For now there is one way for you to revisit the tabs that you have. Its a lengthy process but not a perfect one. Please follow the steps exactly as outlined then you will be still able to revisit the sites you have in each tab

  1. Create a bookmark folder called tabs
  2. Bookmark all your opened tabs inside that folder
  3. Create sync chain on your Android and note down the code words
  4. Install Brave on desktop and join the sync chain using the code words available on your Android device in sync page
  5. Wait till all the bookmarks gets sync’d on your desktop
  6. Double/Triple check for all of them to be sync’d
  7. When you are satisfied you have all the opened tabs as bookmark and its sync’d to desktop, format/reset your Android device
  8. Once Android is setup, reinstall brave fresh
  9. Enable sync, this time join an existing sync chain
  10. Use the same code words that you noted down in step 3
  11. Wait till you see all bookmarks from desktop appear on Mobile
  12. :beers: and enjoy revisiting the same sites in same set of tabs

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

One clarification please About the second step:

Is this a menu item or a browser function that I can access from anywhere?

I could not find any item in the Brave GUI that would allow me to trigger a function “bookmark all tabs”. This is another really big issue on its own, but right here in this discussion I am just asking if this is a function provided by the browser or if “bookmark all your tabs” is a manual process. If it is a manual process please explicitly mention that, thanks.

Also I strongly suggest to prioritize the implementation of this missing export feature of user data.

User data belongs to the user and export of user data is viewed as an important part of privacy regulations in some parts of the world. Breaking privacy laws does not seem to be a clever way of introducing a “privacy aware web borwser” to the public.

If I were a judge involved in a case against brave this would be a very important issue to better understand if Brave is serious about user privacy or if it is just masked content piracy.

Please act and show that privacy is something you are taking serious and is not only a word that you are using to decorate a business concept.

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Sorry for the late reply

I meant to say bookmark individual tabs into that folder. There is no bookmark all functionality.

If you have been following the project you’d know we are always working towards making the product more secure. Given that certain features are missing and users are requesting it and we do plan on implementing it, but from a product standpoint we are currently doing other priority work that takes most of our devs time. In due course, you will see most of the frequently requested features will be worked and shipped in the product. Implementing a new feature takes some work as it might cause other things to fail and would need sufficient time to test before it can be shipped. Hope this clears up your confusion/thoughts/feedback

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