Preserve Open Tabs

I need to factory restore my tablet. I have about a year’s worth of open tabs that I will lose, because there is no easy way to save, export, or parse. Manually bookmarking each tab, then syncing, is not a reasonable solution. At the very least, offer an easy way to see a full screen list of the open tabs, while also allowing deletion. Without doubt, 90% of my open tabs are trash - the problem is not having a reasonable method of tidying up.

@SamDavies This is actually a feature missing from upstream, not even available on Chrome or Chromium to my knowledge. Usually when it’s missing upstream, it’s a big delay to get it in Brave, if it will come.

That said, if you have your device synced with a Desktop by any chance, there is a little workaround that makes things a bit easier than manually clicking and saving each.

So the way that works is once you have a Sync chain going and you have it set to sync everything (or at least to sync open tabs), then you can do the following steps

  1. brave://history/syncedTabs (or just go History → Tabs from Other Devices)

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  1. Hit the hamburger menu (three dots) next to the device name for your Android. (mine is SM-G690U) and then click Open All

  1. Right click on a tab and click Bookmark all tabs.

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I agree should definitely be an option within the Android app itself, but at least wanted to share that option for now.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Tabs are only uploaded when they are clicked on, so it would still require clicking on each tab.