Preserve Open Tabs

I need to factory restore my tablet. I have about a year’s worth of open tabs that I will lose, because there is no easy way to save, export, or parse. Manually bookmarking each tab, then syncing, is not a reasonable solution. At the very least, offer an easy way to see a full screen list of the open tabs, while also allowing deletion. Without doubt, 90% of my open tabs are trash - the problem is not having a reasonable method of tidying up.

@SamDavies This is actually a feature missing from upstream, not even available on Chrome or Chromium to my knowledge. Usually when it’s missing upstream, it’s a big delay to get it in Brave, if it will come.

That said, if you have your device synced with a Desktop by any chance, there is a little workaround that makes things a bit easier than manually clicking and saving each.

So the way that works is once you have a Sync chain going and you have it set to sync everything (or at least to sync open tabs), then you can do the following steps

  1. brave://history/syncedTabs (or just go History → Tabs from Other Devices)

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  1. Hit the hamburger menu (three dots) next to the device name for your Android. (mine is SM-G690U) and then click Open All

  1. Right click on a tab and click Bookmark all tabs.

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I agree should definitely be an option within the Android app itself, but at least wanted to share that option for now.