How to export/save Bookmarks and Opend Tabs in Brave Mobile

Hello, For some reason I will be resetting my smartphone and I don’t want my bookmarks to get deleted. I didn’t find any option to export the bookmarks, just a sync option. As far as I understood it, it will sync bookmarks and other data between devices. In my case, I don’t have any other device where I want to sync my mobile bookmarks. So how do I save my bookmarks and open tabs?

PS: When I click sync, it shows my current device on sync chain, IDK what it means.

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I have the same problem. The desktop version appears to have this capability, the iOS mobile version as well, but not the Android version.

When phone is rooted, we can just backup and restore app & data, e.g. with Swift Backup.
Export / import of tabs and bookmarks via a menu to a local file would be awesome though.

Doing this will prevent the loss of BATs if not connected to Uphold or Gemini?

Never used rewards, not sure. But I’m used to restoring app&data with chrome/chromium and it usually restores everything related to the browser app. So tokens resided in the brave data storage should be restored as well I guess.

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