Transfer open tabs between phones

My phone screen just quickly started going out, with very unpredictable behavior in the touchscreen, but I still can get in a few minutes of activity here and there. Unfortunately I have too many tabs open to be able to go through them in the short bursts of usable time my screen has, and several of them are crucial to my job. What would be the best way to get my currently open tabs off my phone?

I was unable to do them Where is my sync data?

Other users might input more data on how to properly do it.

So easiest way to do this is via Sync as @chh_68 states. Simply use Brave Sync to add both your phones to the same Sync chain. Once they are, ensure that the Open tabs data type is selected on both devices (on the Sync page, tap the Data preferences option to view Syncable data types).

Now on the desired deice, open Brave, tap the main menu button, then select Recent tabs. Here, you will see tabs from your other devices (separated by device).

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This doesn’t appear to be showing my old phones tabs on my new device, how long does it take to sync? And does this mean I’ll have to reopen all my tabs one by one?

Please double check that that data type is selected on both devices. You may also want to try restarting the browser on both devices.

I got it. In my case, my old browser and new browser were on the same phone as I had wiped my phone. Proper way for it to do it was to bring a third brave browser on a different phone.

Sync data from first brave to third brave and then to the second brave where I wanted it.

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