Recent Open Tab Sync Across Devices

I love the chrome sync function and that you’ve replicated the core bookmark and extension functions. However, once feature I am terribly missing is the ability to jump from one device to another and access a list of open tabs on other devices. This is useful for picking up some reading or work when I get off a commute and drop into the office on my laptop or want to review a site on my laptop that might not work on my phone.


I just got Brave installed and sync configured on a few devices. I’m surprised to see that there is no tab sync (not for History either). While suboptimal, I suppose a workaround would be to bookmark everything that I might want to read on a synced device.


This is the one feature keeping me from fully switching.


Tbh I’m really missing this feature, I have over 130 tabs open on my android device, waiting for this feature to sort them out on my computer. Is there any possibility that we’ll get this?

Thanks for all the great work!

Edit: Also added some ideas to the github issue.

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Has this been scoped and/or prioritized yet? Open tab sync is the priority for me, history and recently closed tabs would be very nice to have as well.


I’m in the same condition, waiting this feature Open Tabs Sync to switching browsers.

I’m always using 3 devices in the same time… all in my desk… searching some pages/info etc… and with Brave I can’t send those pages to one of the others devices :frowning:


Just hopped on the Brave train today and already set it as my default browser. But I was sad to see this isn’t a feature yet. I’m assuming they plan on doing it in the future but I’d love to see some confirmation of that.

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Huge +1 for this feature. This is like the top feature why I use Chrome in the first place. History, open tabs and passwords sync. Having these in Brave will make it the perfect browser for me. I’ve already switched to Brave. Really good job you’ve done there! :+1:

+1 Absolutely need this to fully switch over.

+1 The absence of this feature or similar functionality prevents me from switching to Brave from Chrome

still waiting for this feature working. :eyes:

A huge +1 on this feature

I need this too. But I can’t even manage to sync different browsers. I’m using multiple os on same machine and can’t setup sync between them. It seems this should happen in realtime which is not possible when you need to restart to another OS

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+1 !! this is essential

I switched from Safari to Brave and so the only thing I really miss is having my browsers synced. What’s the point of having “Sync” if you can’t even share open tabs or at least history? Switching to Chrome.

I’m a broken record on this topic, but yeah… open tab sync please… Or at least some sort acknowledgement that it’s never going to happen… Planned… In development… Something… Anything.

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Firefox sync supports this right now. Not having this feature is a deal breaker for me. This is one of the few things keeping me on Firefox.

Dealbreaker, I’m off. See you when Recent tabs are there, the only thing left.
Good luck Brave

just want to join under this feature request. brave looks great, I was looking to switch away from chrome for long time. but I got so used to have my open tabs synced across my devices its essential for me.

+1. must have feature!