Is there a way to check how many BAT rewards we have earned for Sponsored Background Images

Is there a way to check the amount of BAT we earned from sponsored images? Are we really getting paid for these sponsored images? My only hope of earning BAT in this month is from this sponsored images as I am not getting any ads from past 15days in my desktop browser and iphone.


Please see the following thread:


That was a very long back post but still the clear monthly statement is not implemented. I guess this feature may come in next year. Thanks for the reply.

Can you help me in getting my issue resolved. I am not getting any ads in my windows desktop browser as well as in my iphone. I have seen an ad in my iphone a long ago. Is there a way to send my BAT from iphone to my uphold or backup my BAT? I want to reinstall my iphone brave browser hoping it may help me getting ads.

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We’re working on iOS updates that have been held up in the App store for a while now that will allow users to verify their browser with Uphold on iOS just as you can on other platforms.

Additionally, for separate browser issues, please open different topics so the thread itself doesn’t lose focus.

Hi @Mattches,

This month I closely watch my payouts but I didn’t received any extra BAT for the sponsored images I got in october. I nearly saw 20-30 sponsored Images but I didnt got any extra BAT for that. Is Brave really paying us the BAT for sponsored Images?

Hi @Mattches / @steeven,

Can you please update me on this issue.

Yes you are being paid. Yes we are working on adding the actual payment/stats for NTP images to be visible in your earnings.

Appreciate your patience.

@Sunil3 @Mattches already available in latest release (?) Release Channel 1.17.73

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