Not receiving rewards for sponsored images

I am never receiving any reward for sponsored images, ads rewards working fine.

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Hello @Melusine

check this one I watch Ads but no estimation BAT - #4 by justsomeone1

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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This does not solve the issue, as no sponsored image was ever counted in the estimated ads and, after verification, the ads I am seeing are indeed new tab pages and valid for my geoloacation.

Hi @Melusine, is your issue when using Windows OS?

I was using the browser for nearly two weeks before I was aware we could earn BAT from the sponsored images. I saw my BAT increase with ads, but nothing more to indicate otherwise.

Then I had a few days where ads had stopped (this seemed to correlate with the recent update), so I followed this Windows troubleshooting guide by Mattches and I’ve been earning BAT from sponsored images ever since - despite the guide specifying ads.
Maybe it’s worth a shot for you, too?

do you get sponosr image from one of the one that promote on your country

so when you see ads in the new page check if it also in your list in the link above
then if it did not count you can report that

Here is the last one - not counted

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For me, now:

…I’m getting this on my Android and do get credited with BAT. The mobile icon is important, and so is the type.
This is my current desktop sponsored image, but I’m not receiving BAT:

I believe it’s because it has a mobile icon…
…and it does not specify whether it’s an ad or sponsored image, but this seems to be more secondary - the mobile/ no mobile icon *seems to be the determiner, that I’ve found so far…

Hello @Melusine

i know it marked from new tab page but i do not think it sponsor image

cause the one that counted as sponsor image looks like that

i am not sure what it could be

not sure if the today news feed is part of it or not

i know i did not answer you but sorry i do not know what it’s category and i get the same thing when the ads not categorized as sponsor image

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Hello @saereV

that could be also

but it say Platform: all so not sure

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Yeah, that had confused me before, the ‘Platform: all’. What I think is going on here is that, because of the limits, if we hit that limit on say, mobile use, those ads won’t be encountered with desktop use, and vice versa. This is just based off of my personal observation/ experience and, admittedly, I’ve not been at this even a month so… :upside_down_face:

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This is all very nice and techy oriented but, at the end of the day, the ads are displayed on my screen in my location.
The techie complexity behind it does not address the fact that those displays are not remunerating the viewer.
I am not sure if that means the advertiser gets them for free or if Brave is cashing those in without distributing the revenue share, but something needs fixing.

for the sponosr image that dos not count i read in one post that one of the team said they consider to change the bahviour so you only see image that will be counted but not sure when they will implement that

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Today is the first time I have no sponsored image appearing on my desktop browser - no matter how many times I refresh, nor having one or more tabs open, nor one or more windows open… nothing.

I checked my settings and nothing has been altered, and are still set correctly. My Android sponsored images are supported/ accumulating BAT, and I’ve had four ads there, too, so far.

No ads (*notifications working fine)/ sponsored image (at all) on desktop, and I’m not seeing any progress with payout either (unlike my Android, where all seems great) - perhaps it’s all interconnected, some bug(s) in the latest Release…


I started receiving sponsored images again on my desktop. It’s not in my catalogue, but it’s oddly nice to see it :upside_down_face:

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