Sponsored images not Paying and Admins not talking about it

Few days ago, My BAT reduced ,today I received a payment less than what I was expecting and to be precise we earn nothing from sponsored images coz for the past month I make sure I used the tab with sponsor images most of the time, but now nothing add up which means brave is not more transparent to users :angry:

Hi @Nelsy1, sorry for the inconvenience, payouts for the sponsored image are tacked on to the monthly claims and do not yet appear in the estimated earnings. However, we are working on a new way of tracking them that will allow you to see their value in real time just like notification ads.

If the payout are tacked with monthly earnings that mean I shouldhave more BAT than the estimated pending…

I payed more attention to it this time… Last month I received 2+Bat which I guess it’s from sponsored images so that’s why I used the tab with the sponsored images more for the months payout but nothing add up

@eljuno no Additional BAT for sponsored images :angry:

@eljuno closed the other thread but couldn’t find time to reply smh

Same here, no reward for sponsored ads.

I certainly do not believe in fowl play but the lack of transparency regarding the sponsored ads certainly raises question marks. Nevertheless, my normal ad rewards went through flawlessly this month so I’m grateful for that.

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And they are ignoring any thread of it

@Nelsy1 and @Willy123 if you want to DM me your brave://rewards-internals, I can actually look up the amount from new tab page for you, until we have it better featured in the UI.


Hope you’ll reply :roll_eyes: soon

@steeven hasn’t been responsive lately

I’ve sent it :roll_eyes:

How long should I wait?

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